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Grimms Hand Spinning Top Goethe


  • A customisable spinning top! Create new arrangements of the pieces and observe the unique patterns while the top is spinning! This top mix up the colours. Wonderful in combination with pieces of the Hand Spinning Top monochrome (Art. No 93130).
  • 24 pieces to puzzle + spinning top.
  • Materials: MDF, birch or poplar ply wood, non-toxic water based color stain.
  • Size: diameter 16cm, H = ca. 15cm.

Grimm's Wooden Toys

Magic Forest Shop has proudly stocked the full range of the stunning Grimm's wooden toys in the UK since 2012. These splendid wooden toys are all made from sustainably sourced Alder, Beech, Linden and Maple woods. 

Lovingly handcrafted in Europe and inspired by the Waldorf and Montessori educational movements these wooden toys are created to give limitless play possibilities. They are perfect natural toys for open ended play, nurturing, inspiring and fostering creativity.

The unique and beautiful feature of all the toys is the  velvety-rough surface, perfect for stacking and balancing. This finish is acquired by the use of a non toxic water based colour stain, which penetrates into the wood leaving a rich matte finish thus preserving the natural qualities and natural markings of each unique piece of wood. 

Come and discover the complete range of Grimms wooden toys at Magic Forest Shop, the UK's best stockist of all things Grimm's.