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Grimms Building Set Triangle, Square and Circle


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  • These colourful blocks can be used as puzzles or for building
    Through the geometrical shapes a whole new world is opened for the child
  • .The blocks are not varnished which makes the slightly rough surfaces excellent for stacking
  • These shapes make abstract shapes real for children to not only build with but explore what the shape is with their own hands, to discover a cube, circle and triangle.
  • Ideal not only for at home but also in school!
  • 30 blocks in carton, incl. ideas for playing.
  • Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water based colour stain.
  • Size: L= ca. 10cm.

Grimm's Wooden Toys

Magic Forest Shop has proudly stocked the full range of the stunning Grimm's wooden toys in the UK since 2012. These splendid wooden toys are all sustainably sourced and handcrafted in Europe. Inspired by the Waldorf and Montessori educational movements these toys are perfect for open ended play, nurturing, inspiring and fostering creativity.

The unique and beautiful feature of all the toys is the natural wood markings and velvety-rough surface, perfect for stacking and balancing. This finish is acquired by the use of a non toxic water based colour stain, which penetrates into the wood fibres and leaves the natural qualities of the wood to shine through. The individual parts are dipped by hand into the stain and there is no varnish just a natural linseed oil finish to preserve the natural markings and positive properties of the wood.

All of Grimm's range of toys can be used independently or combined to give limitless playing possibilities. Come and discover the complete range at Magic Forest Shop the UK's best stockist of all things Grimm's.