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Magic Forest Shop is a family business dedicated to supplying the highest quality toys and children’s arts and crafts materials. Our range is specially chosen to complement and stimulate natural creative play. Made with the highest levels of craftsmanship, these toys are made to last. Many of the makers have been producing these toys for generations, using traditional methods and most are made entirely by hand. All our products originate from companies based within the EU, who have good reputations for producing high quality products in safe environments, with fairly treated employees.


Through play, children learn and explore social, material and imaginary worlds and their relationship with them, cultivating all the while a flexible range of responses to the challenges they encounter. By playing, children learn and develop as individuals, and as members of their community.

Our range of toys and supplies is specially chosen to complement and stimulate this natural creative play.

"From an early age, play is important to a child's development and learning. It isn't just physical, it can involve cognitive, creative, emotional and social aspects. It is the main way most children express their impulse to explore, experiment and understand. Children of all ages play"

Dobson Report 2006